Dan Mace is one of my favourites youtubers. I love EVERYTHING in his videos. Everything. And I am always amazed about how he puts his ideas into stories.

So I admit that I often pause his videos to analyze some details. Thanks to the “,” key that allows you to go back one frame at a time on Youtube!

In his “How I Hijacked this famous Cinema” video, Dan gets in touch with the projectionist of a movie theater to know how the projection system works, and the day after, with the help from his friends, he sneaks into the projection booth to show one of his videos before the scheduled movie.

I thought “what a badass! This is something you have to dare to do!”.

But wait. I know a little about DCP and I love to see how all that movie stuff is working, I am curious about the ergonomics and the GUI of the digital projector so I go back to the moment when the projectionist is explaining the way to load a movie file into the system, and I see something interesting: Dan’s video is already loaded in the playlist!

Dan Mace - How I Hijacked this famous Cinema, Youtube, 4 mn 47 sec.

Dan Mace - How I Hijacked this famous Cinema, Youtube, 4 mn 47 sec.

So what? Is it a staged scene? Was the scene re-filmed after the fact for some reason? My understanding is that if the video was released, the theater operator agreed to it, so they knew about it before or after the fact. I think it was beforehand, so staged.

What amazes me the most is that no one in the comments of the video makes any remark about this sequence! Either I’m the only one who noticed it (and since I don’t have a Google account I can’t write it under the video, but why would I?), or everyone has been talking to each other to keep it secret.

In the end it doesn’t matter, staged or not, thanks Bru for your videos!

[Edit 2024-01] Got back to the comments section of the video. Actually there is one people (@GnomeSprinkles with this comment) thinking that it was staged. Of course Dan evaded the remark :)